Sjouke 453 has a breeding season in Poland Print E-mail

Stb stallion Sjouke 453 come to Poland on season in 2014. Managers invite breeders from other countries to come for covering. Below is the offer.


Sjouke 453 will stand in the southern part of Poland, in the village Ujezdziec Wielki, 40 km from Wroclaw. See the place on the GoogleMaps.

Insemination is only possible after placing mares in herds where stands the stallion. Price for the semen is 700 € and includes in it all veterinary treatments.

The mare can be left in the stables where the Sjouke 453 stands, the price per night 3 €.

If the mare will arrive ready for insemination and after insemination will be taken to home then hotel will be for free.

For any additional information please contact:
Natalia Dabek
+48 693 331 001 (only English)
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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