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The KFPS collaborates with associations in other countries in organizing inspections during the summer season at which any Friesian horses can be presented.

The inspection is very similar to a normal Kerung that the sport horses undergo. Runners demonstrate the Friesians as they stand still, walk over a triangle and trot all around the arena. The judges have 10 points to evaluate the horse: for its type, conformation and movement at walk and trot.

During Studbook inspections, the mares and geldings three years of age and older might be awarded titles and prizes, or, contingent on their results, they can be promoted from the Foalbook to the Studbook. Studbook entrance requires the mean of no less than 6 points, while the title of Ster calls for no less than 7 points. With at least one result of 4 or less points, the horse will be refused entrance into Studbook. Whereas with at least one result of 5 or less, the title of Ster will be refused to the horse, no matter what its other qualifications are.

Average scores for 5 main characteristics Premium Book Title Ribbon
> 7,5 1st Studbook (Stb) Ster orange
~ 7 2nd Studbook (Stb) Ster red
6 – 7 3rd Studbook (Stb) white
~ 6 Studbook (Stb) yellow
< 6 foalbook (Vb)

For the stallions three years of age and older being presented at the foalbook inspection, there are two possible outcomes: the stallion will remain in the foalbook (Fb) or he will be declared star (Fb star).

The under-three-year-olds are taken before the judges in the very same manner, though they get no points.


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